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E-Customer Management ( ECM ) is a unique Customer Relationship Management software suite. Its functionality mimics the Lotus Notes suite but at a fraction of the price with a ton of features in an online web environment. With this software suite, the user can focus on servicing their customers efficiently. ECM helps the user keep track of customer requests / complaints, maintain a Knowledge Database, store customer contact information, manage their meetings / appointments and receive SMS reminders.Through the use of the system, the company improves its overall effectiveness servicing its customers and is well liked by Upper Management. It is suitable for Customer Service Departments, IT Departments, Engineering Departments, Sales Departments, HR Departments, Lawyer Firms, Accountant Firms, Secretarial Firms, Consultants, Theater Production Companies, Event Organizers, Government Agencies, etc, etc.




ECM Modules:

  • Customer Care Ticket : Online Customer Care System ( Tracking complaints, requests ).
  • Infobase : Online Knowledge Repository ( FAQs and SOPs ).
  • Organiser : Online Centralised Multiple Appointment Calendars ( with SMS Reminders ).
  • Contacts Directory : Online Centralised Multiple Addressbooks ( with permissions ).

How ECM Can Benefit Your Organization:

  • Management can check on the performance of their staffs servicing customers.
  • Centralize customer service related information / contact information.
  • Ensure that customer complaints are looked into speedily.
  • Avoid redundancy by accurate personnel assignments to resolve customer issues.
  • Identify aspects of customer service that require further development.
  • Improves customer relationship and customer loyalty.
  • Help Junior Staff learn faster with the help of FAQs and SOPs.
  • Help staff to standardize replies to all types of queries to avoid confusion or embarrassments.
  • Get SMS reminders on daily appointments and critical tasks.
  • Send SMS broadcasts to staff for urgent matters.
  • Allows Upper Management and Field Personnel to stay in touch with ECM through their 3G Handphones.
  • Improves productivity by providing the users with uptodate information.
  • Provide cost savings in the long run as there are no user licensing issues / OS licensing issues/Database licensing issues.

ECM Results:

Develops a strong customer oriented culture. Organizational productivity increases as a result of a centralized customer service paradigm.



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