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E-Staff Management ( ESM ) is a unique Staff Management software suite that mimics the Lotus Notes suite. It primarily focuses on corporate workflows i.e. job monitoring in a employer employee, supervisor subordinate,environment. With this software, supervisors and managers can monitor work given to their subordinates efficiently on a daily basis even though they are in remote areas.There are modules that allow teams or individuals to work together. Plus it has facilities for the electronic deliverance of SOPs and Memos, a comprehensive HR system ( inclusive of Leave Management, Staff Training ) and also a Performance Evaluations System.Through close monitoring of jobs the system increases the overall effectiveness of a department. It is suitable for IT Departments, Engineering Departments, Sales Departments, HR Departments, Lawyer Firms, Accountant Firms, Secretarial Firms, Consultants, Theater Production Companies, Event Organizers, Government Agencies, etc, etc.



ESM Main Module

  • Individual Job Board ( IJB ): Job Management For Individuals.
  • Project Job Board ( PJB ): Project Tracking For Teams.
  • Intranet SOP and Memo System ( ISMS ): Circulation Of Standard Operating Procedures and Memos.

ESM Secondary Module

  • HR Information System( HRI ): Online Human Resource Information System.
  • Leave Management System( LMS): Online Leave Application and Monitoring.
  • Performance Management System( PMS ): Staff Performance Enhancer.

Why should an organization use ESM?

  • IJB helps improve worker productivity through an ongoing process of communicating and managing job performance expectations.
  • PJB allows users to work together as a team to complete a project. It allows the project leader to assign jobs to the project members and monitor their progress.
  • ISMS ensures that every worker will receive memos and SOPs sent to them by their supervisors and managers.
  • HRI is an online Human Resource Information System. It stores all the staffs information in a centralized location for quick access.
  • LMS is an online leave application and monitoring system. It allows staffs to send their leave applications online. The supervisor or manager will then be able to analyze and approve or disapprove the leave.
  • PMS is a staff performance enhancement system. Staffs will use this system to clockin and clockout daily. The supervisors and managers can request the system for reports on their staff's punctuality plus their ability to finish jobs within deadlines. Points can be awarded.



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