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Any organization that wants to improve its operational efficiency needs to have SOPs. Standard Operating Procedures are written documents that describe in detail, step-by-step, how a procedure / job should be done. A good set of SOPs will ensure a uniform and a high quality environment. Staff will learn the correct way to respond to situations or even emergencies.




Nevertheless a good set of SOPs will go to waste if staff forget them! Our solution will ensure that this doesn't happen. Regular reminders via electronic deliverance of SOPs and Memos is the key capability of this system. E-Memo & SOP System helps to improve staff productivity through an ongoing process of reinforcing performance through SOPs. Electronic deliverance ensures that every staff will receive SOPs and memos sent to them by their heads or managers without fail. Say goodbye to statements like ' I never saw this memo ', ' I forgot the SOP ' ,'I dont know what is the SOP for this situation', etc, etc.


This solution is suitable for organizations or departments that want to achieve uniformity and all round quality. It is suitable for IT Departments, Engineering Departments, Sales Departments, HR Departments, Lawyer Firms, Accountant Firms, Secretarial Firms, Consultants, Theater Production Companies, Event Organizers, Government Agencies, etc.



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