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SMS Organiser is a unique software. Its functionality is almost unrivaled in the Windows world. SMS is now a must have communication tool for effective and speedy communication.With this software, users can manage their appointments, meetings, efficiently and receive alerts via email and SMS daily. Bosses, Heads of Departments will receive SMS messages nightly reminding them of their appointments for the next day. PAs or secretaries can easily schedule appointments for their bosses without any wondering whether their bosses will get notification on time or not. Additionally, urgent messages can be sent via SMS broadcasts to all staff or contacts from the contacts directory. Department Heads The built in contacts directory creates a company wide address book with secure permissions. There will no longer be the problem of everybody keeping separate address books. All contacts in the directory can receive SMS alerts. This software is suitable for Faculties, Customer Service Departments, IT Departments, Engineering Departments, Sales Departments, HR Departments, Lawyer Firms, Accountant Firms, Secretarial Firms, Consultants, Theater Production Companies, Event Organizers, Government Agencies, etc.






  • SMS Organiser : Online Organiser with SMS functionality Manage appointments meetings and receive SMS messages.
  • Contacts Directory : Online Company Wide Centralised Addressbook Multi Department Support, Multi Categories, Secure Permissions.

How SMS Organiser Can Benefit Your Organization:

  • Meetings and appointments can be managed effectively.
  • SMS reminders ensure that meetings can never be missed / forgotten.
  • Send urgent broadcasts via SMS to all staff or other contacts.
  • Storing contact information in a centralized repository prevents redundancy / multiple copies of address information.
  • Address book security will prevent unauthorised personnel from viewing sensitive contact information.
  • Print out mailing lists and contact lists in an organized and presentable manner .

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