SSO is a part of our XSuite solution which provides Single Sign On capabilities for a variety of applications such as email, calendaring, pushmail, etc. Clients can use our SSO solution and create a universal authentication platform for all of their applications.




The advantages of our solution:


Very Simple – Just one token to bind them all. All your applications can be integrated within weeks. We believe our solution is one of the simplest in the market.


Very Flexible – We understand that you have many existing applications which are working fine and for which you will appreciate minimal disturbances. Our solution has a small footprint and only minor changes are required.


Complete and Enterprise Ready – Full Integration of Email, Calendar, Addressbook, Document Manager, Task Manager via our XSuite Groupware. Its also Pushmail compatible.


Cheap cost – Simple Architecture that is cost effective hardware wise and also licensing wise.


Convenience of SoftTokens – We avoid the use of hard tokens which incur additional costs ( not just money but time, hassle ) due to breakage, damage, theft, misplacement, etc.


High level of security – We employ a 256 bit Cipher ( banks only use 128 bits ) to generate the SSO token, this type of cipher is recommended by the NSA for all 'Top Security' documents and is recognized as the best cipher system in the world.

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