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BetterBerry PushMail System – users can receive their emails right in their handphone. There is no need to rush to the office to read important emails. Expensive Blackberry systems not needed. Our solution works with ALL handphones and ALL numbers in Malaysia.


Advantages of our BetterBerry Pushmail System:


  • BetterBerry Pushmail allows pushmail to be implemented easily with normal handphones.
  • BetterBerry Pushmail is much cheaper than a B****berry based system.
  • BetterBerry Pushmail does not require a GSM modem which is susceptible to interference.
  • BetterBerry Pushmail promotes greater security, secrecy and privacy as the server is kept within your own premises – this is very critical for government agencies. Other products do not allow the server to be kept under your control. This feature is not available in other products.
  • BetterBerry Pushmail has a gateway module – allows your existing applications to quickly gain sms capabilities. This feature is not available in other products.
  • IT staff not burdened to provide support for PDAs or Blackberry devices as exisiting phones ( without any pushmail preconfiguration ) can be used.
  • Both internal and external communication schemes are supported. Other products support only external communication. 
  • Can forward unlimited number of messages to unlimited number of users.
  • BetterBerry Pushmail is web based – easy access / administration through a browser.
  • BetterBerry Pushmail administration is cross platform capable – works in Windows, Linux, Macintosh.
  • BetterBerry Pushmail is virus or worm free unlike windows machines.
  • BetterBerry Pushmail supports new numbers like 014, 018. Not limited to just Maxis numbers or Celcom numbers.
  • Overall we feel our solution is better than a B****Berry system. That's why we call it 'BetterBerry"!!!


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