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QBank Exam Paper Generator eases the burden on teachers, tutors, educators and lecturers by helping them create high quality question papers in a blink of an eye. The questions are classified into several categories utilising Bloom's Taxonomy. This allows a student or undergraduate to be assessed on whether they have achieved all 3 aspects of learning i.e. Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor.



Features - QBank Exam Paper Generator:

User friendly web based system. Built on the the super – secure LAMP Platform. Allows unlimited papers. Allows unlimited faculties. Each paper can have multiple sections, Section A, B, C, etc, with progressive levels of difficulty. Questions uploaded via a webbased interface with preview functionality. Questions can be simple or complex with subquestions and images. Questions moderation by Subject Matter Experts of each faculty before being committed to the question bank. Question Paper in an editable format. Draft copies allowed before final paper committed to prevent reappearance over a couple of years.




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