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Streaming video feature allows user to view video clips stored in a server, with out dowloading the entire clip to the user's machine. It will take an initial period of buffering, then video will be played in real time. Picture quality will be depends up on the bandwidth and computer processor speed.


Media streaming is perfect for corporations who make use of the Internet to attract clients. Since there is now the easier way to create and upload interactive and lively multimedia presentations and other content in their websites, they can attract more people to try their services and products. With just the use of digital video cameras, web cameras, music players, and other gadgets, they can easily upload these into their servers. Video streaming servers which use Linux Technology just cut the cost of whole equipments down. Since its Linux, all of its benefits such as security, high availability, stability, etc can be featured in the video streaming. This is very much an advanatge of same service in MS Windows world. 

Advantages :-


  • No need for high end studio equipments and support personel.
  • Real time broadcasting of the media content is possible.


Useful for :-


  • online news media portals.
  • online knowledge/educational portals.
  • online multimedia entertainment protals.

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