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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

Open source platform for mission-critical computing

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® servers handle millions of dollars in trades, purchases, and analysis every day. Surprised? Don't be. With support for all major hardware platforms and thousands of commercial and custom applications, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the new standard for enterprise datacenters.

Built for the modern datacenter

Red Hat Enterprise Linux anticipates shifts in the IT landscape that blur the lines between physical, virtual, and cloud computing. It's built for the modern datacenter environment, with:


  • Pervasive networking and virtualization. 
  • Comprehensive security. 
  • Advances in multicore hardware. 


This means that Red Hat Enterprise Linux can help your organization flexibly and seamlessly transition to your next-generation datacenter model.
The foundation of a long-term IT strategy. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server supports all leading hardware architectures with compatibility across releases and a 10-year update and support lifecycle.

Easy to use, deploy, and secure

Administrators want the robust, secure Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® foundation. End users want leading applications and features from the open source community. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop, you can have it all.

Yes, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop can do that

Surprised to learn that Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop can keep pace with proprietary desktop solutions? Don't be. It's the secure, extensible option for knowledge workers on business desktops and laptops. Natural. Ergonomic. With a full set of productivity applications for email, messaging, and browsing.

Compatible with proprietary desktop tools

OpenOffice.org communication and presentation tools are fully compatible with Microsoft Office. In fact, today's top enterprise application clients run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop.

From simple to advanced, and everything in between

Client installations can be finely tailored and locked down for simplicity and security for any task workstation. Everyday productivity? No problem. Need a turbo-charged simulation and design environment with high-performance visualization and interactivity? Red Hat provides support for the latest graphics cards and true scalability on multicore systems.

What's new in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6?


  • Even better productivity, security, and flexibility.
  • OpenOffice.org 3 suite .
  • Email ( OpenChange MAPI client capability. ) 
  • NetworkManager mobile network connection management.
  • Cisco IPsec client compatibility. 
  • Smart card support.
  • Encrypted disk  ( Linux Unified Key Setup. )

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